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Hydro+ Microdermabrasion + Cryo + Ultrasonic

All our signature facials include a comprehensive skin analysis, depending on the results a treatment plan will be recommended. Among our treatments, we offer:

High frequency shovel: Clean and remove death skin

Ion Pen: Deep pore cleaning

Ultrasonic/ High frequency: fast absorption

Gold head light: tightens skin and promotes collagen regeneration

Ice-sealed refrigeration head: replenishes and locks water as well as thermal lymphatic detoxification

Ion Shot Gun: allows different product penetration through air pressure.

Our intelligent and multifunction system allows us to collect facial skin detail images and customize each treatment.

In your first visit, after a comprehensive skin diagnosis, our aesthetician will pick the skin products and care items that fits best your complexion and helps best accomplish your goals.

Basic beauty care

Deep cleaning

Deep hydration and nourishing

Anti-aging maintenance

ollagen regeneration

Our Pricing

Classic facial

60 min

Close your eyes and let us pamper you. Enjoy a deep pore cleansing, exfoliation, extractions and mask. Great for all skin types, you'll wake up feeling rested and refreshed!

Anti-aging facial

60 min

Treats all signs of aging with cleansing, resurfacing (microdermabrasion), brightening (acid peel), and a hydrating mask.


60 min

Supercharged to help infuse your skin with a vitamin-packed serum. Leaves skin looking soft and radiant, ideal for dry skin but suitable for all skin types.

Men's facial

60 min

Like our classic facial but geared to a man's specific needs. Deep cleansing, exfoliation, hot towels and a soothing mask perfect for shaved skin.

Express facial

30 min

All the benefits of our classic facial in half the time. Great for when you're pressed for time but need to rejuvenate the skin. Try it on your lunch break!

Fig's Deluxe facial

90 min

This all inclusive facial addresses multiple skin concerns in one treatment. Choose from any of our facials plus ultrasonic therapy for a tightening result plus a younger, refreshed complexion!

Cosmic facial

60 min - $100

Our favorite! For this we combine our classic facial with vegan cruelty- free hemp infused products. Add aromatherapy and healing crystals and we're sure this facial will have you truly starry eyed!

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